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Art Work

Art Work

Louise Volpp

Grafic Design and Art Work


IMG_0266 2_edited.jpg


Music Cover 2020-2023


Lange Haller Kunstnacht

This series of works is the result of a playful exploration of themes such as transformation, originality and reconstruction. Here, a wide variety of elements, some of which have been removed from their „actual“ context and background, are put together into a new context and presented in a new light: as an object with its own, abstract character, which now stands on its own and whose origin can no longer be clearly defined. For this I use parts of self-shot photos, graphic and digital elements, paintings, drawings and lines, as well as image fragments from books or magazines in order to reinterpret them in a new context and through the interplay of physical and digital media. This creates a field of tension between analogue and digital, originality and transformation, which requires the viewer to reinterpret it individually.


Haller Kunstnacht 2023